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Tourism Department

Department of tourism is a division responsible to develop the town’s touristics potentiality.

SETUR (acronym for Secretaria do turismo, in English  Department of Tourism.) has encouraged the tourism in the town leading it  to sustainable development, understanding  that this factor is  of vital importance in the creation of Jobs and income. Harmonizing economic growth with the preservation of  our cultural, enviromental and historical heritage.


The Touristic Information Desk (known as PIT in Portuguese) works together with SETUR ( Department of Tourism) in the Enterpreneurship Center, which has  the scope of making the information  about the town easier to access,  therefore  increasing the local tourism.


01 Secretary of Tourism

01 Administrative Agent

01 Administrative Assistant

Address: Rua Coronel Joaquim Gabriel nº 11 - Centro

Telephone:  (14) 3263-0445 - Extension 6

Email: /

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