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Lençoenses personalities

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Miguel de Oliveira

Miguel de Oliveira was born in Lençóis Paulista on 09/30/1947, then he went with his family to Agudos and then to the Glória farm, also in the countryside of São Paulo. When he was six or seven years old, he went with his family to São Manuel, where from the age of 10, in Praça Dr. Pereira de Rezende (the city's main square), was already earning his own money as a shoeshine boy.  

At the age of 13, 1961, he went to the movies and before watching the movie, he saw the trailer of Eder Jofre winning the world boxing title against Mexican Eloy Sanchez. Miguel went to his house, took burlap sacks, put one inside the other and filled it with sand, hung the sack on the jabuticaba tree and started punching the sack, he hurt his hands, but the instinct to fight had awakened never to fall asleep again. .


Sister Darci already lived in São Paulo and invited Miguel to live in the city in 1962, he was authorized by his parents when he was 14 years old. With his work card in his hands, he started working in the city of Osasco, a municipality close to the city of São Paulo.


The company where he went to work had a  gym, and there he started training boxing. In the 1964 Gazeta Esportiva championship, Miguel de Oliveira debuted in boxing for Clube de Osasco and was champion in the light middleweight category (63,500 kg) and elected the best boxer in the championship.


From 1965, already in the light medium category, 71 kg, he was two-time champion of São Paulo, two-time champion of the Tournament of Champions, and two-time Brazilian champion.

He disputed the Pan American Games in Winnipeg in Canada in 1967, and in 1968 the Latin American Games in Santiago, Chile. After being cut to defend Brazil at the 1968 Olympics, he transferred to professional boxing.


Having as his agent in professional boxing Glicério Mattei, in 1971 he joined the World Boxing Council (CMB) ranking, and the World Boxing Association (WMA), at the time there were only two entities.


In 1987 they trained regularly at the academy with coach Miguel de Oliveira: Paulo Ribeiro (Brazilian flyweight champion), João Cardoso (Brazilian rooster champion), eu (Brazilian featherweight champion), Francisco Thomaz da Cruz (Brazilian and South American light), Hélio Santana (Brazilian welterweight champion), Adilson "Maguila” Rodrigues (Brazilian and South American heavyweight champion) and also joining us, before moving to the USA, Francisco Carlos de Jesus, known as Chiquinho de Jesus (Brazilian and South American light middleweight champion).


In the same year, the amateur boxing team (Olympic) of Cia Athlética, under the command of coach Miguel de Oliveira, was champion for the Forja dos Champions team, and of course, Miguel was considered the best coach of the year 1987.


In addition to being the coach of Thomaz da Cruz in the world championship dispute, Miguel de Oliveira was also the coach of two other Brazilians for world title disputes, José Arimatéia and Ezequiel Paixão. The best phase of the "Maguila" career was when he was being technically guided by Miguel de Oliveira.

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