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Certified as Town of Touristis Interest by the government of São Paulo State, approved by the law 16.566 from  November  1, 2017, Lençois  Paulista assimilates a group made up of 140 cities of São Paulo State, which due to this title, the city has the right to access state resources in order to invest  in construction and touristics infastracture improvements.


In order to be worthy of that title, these cities must meet several criteria, such as: having cheerful touristic attractions, means of accomodations, touristic information center, basic infrastructure, medical attention care,drinking water supply, a garbage disposal system, a Director of  Tourism Planning and a Tourism Civic Counsel.


Lençóis Paulista has valuable cultural, rural, gastronomic and business attractions, besides agricultural events known nationally. The city provides medical emergency care, means of accomodation, food and touristic information services .Also, when it comes to basic infrastructure, water supplying  and solid residue collection, we are  able to fulfill the requirements of the population of Lençóis Paulista and those who  come to town temporarily.

Those information were provened and may be found in the Touristic Offer Inventory, which has been designed since the  identified number of attractions , services of  touristic  materials and the base of support present in the town.

Vocações Turísticas



In Lençóis Paulista, businesses and events are the main responsible for the movement of tourists attracted by competitions, fairs, transactions, meetings, among other professional motivations.

Large companies are established in the city, including multinationals, in different fields: food; energy; lubricants; hospitality, cellulose; paper; fridge; metallurgical and steel; wood; packaging; technology; craft drinks, among others. In addition, the investments announced and in implementation have placed Lençóis in a prominent position.

Lençóis hosts fairs of national projection: FACILPA, Expovelha and Exporquídea.  FACILPA, the most outstanding, is one of the largest agricultural fairs in the country, it brings together a large audience and attractions: shows, exhibitions, food court, amusement park and hosts the largest professional rodeo circuits in Brazil. Also great prominences are the sporting and cultural events that have attracted a considerable flow of tourists to Lençóis.




Lençois Paulista is Known as “City of Books” due to possessing a plethora of books in the Municipal Library. The number of books is larger than the number of inhabitants.

The town has a well-known  cultural vocation. It is a place where there are lovely attractions in which “Orígenes Lessa” Municipal Library, “Monteiro Lobato” Library, Libraries Ramais I, II and III, Casa da Cultura “Maria Bove Coneglian”, Espaço Cultural Cidade do Livro, Alexandre Chitto Museum, Alfredo Guedes Memorial, Orquestra Municipal de Sopros “Conductor Agostinho Duarte Martins” and Municipal Theatre “Adélia Lorenzetti”.

Plus, there is Lençóis Paulista Literature Festival, ( the FILLP, Festival Integrado de Literartura de Lençóis Paulista)) which is an event that takes place anually. In this occasion, there are: literary work, theatrical  and musical  attraction as well, also a wide range of touristic offers and cultural events to its visitors.



Among touristic potentialities of Lençóis Paulista, we  have  the rural tourism that ranges from fisheries, rural restaurants, manufacturer of presunto parma ( a sort of famous and well appreciated  ham),craft beverages, grape juice and the internationally awarded cachaça.


Some rural properties provide their visitors with the experience of having the opportunity to know their history and, in some ocassions, their crops, their process of manufacturing and still watch the harvest and do some shopping at their groceries.

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