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Colégio São José

Colégio São José

On April of 2022, when the city celebrates its anniversary,  the project “Um presente para Lençóis Paulista” (“A gift for Lençóis Paulista”), carried out traditionally for five years by the school Colégio São José, focused on the translation of this website into English.

The project was carried out by a group of students from the educational institution and aimed to develop an activity by the students of theschool’s  Bilingual Program and that also favored the municipality and its foreign visitors, making the site accessible in English.

Colégio São José delivered on April 20, 2022 a media with the translation into English of the website



Student translators

Anna Clara Pires Lemes – 5th year

Geovana Ventura Ferreira - 5th year

Marcelo de Oliveira Henriques do Carmo Filho - 6th year

Karen Costa Guimarães – 7th year

Luiz Fernando Ferreira- 7th year

Natalia Ito Aguiar – 7th year


Translator teachers

Amanda Plate

Samanta Ferreira Paccola

Viviane Voros Lemes

Vanessa Brunette de Gois

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Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School

Bilingual Program

600, João Carneiro Geraldes St.

Phone: (14) 3264-3210

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